(Subotica, 1948 – 1994)

Slavko Matković was one of ex-Yugoslavia’s most prominent conceptual artists. He was the founder of the Bosch+Bosch Group in Subotica in 1969.

The ideas and the creative process were often more important to him than the documented result. Matković created conceptual projects, mail art, comics, performances, body art actions, collages, experimental films, mail art and photographic projects. He was the editor of samizdats Kontaktor 972 (1972) and Pesmos (1972) as well as of WOW (1974), the periodical of the Bosch+Bosch Group.

His project of Imprinted Surfaces started in 1973, and it included not only his imprints/cancellation of the surfaces (A4-size paper sheets, with two intersecting straight lines), but also other artists at the 4th April Meetings in Belgrade in 1974, including Joseph Beuys, Marina Abramović, Braco Dimitrijević, Raša Todosijević, Ilija Šoškić and many others.

He also took on artistic performance, performing at several Central and Eastern European festivals in the 1980s and 1990s. In his last years, he designated everyday actions such as reading or thinking about art as performance.