(Poznan, 1939)

Józef Robakowski is one of the most notable experimental film creators. He creates photographic series, installations, drawings, objects, and conceptual projects and teaches and publishes text on art theory.

Robakowski co-founded the artistic collectives Oko (1960), Zero-61 (1961-69), and Krąg (1965-67). From 1970, he co-organised the Workshop of Film Form in Łódź.

He has run the initiative of the Exchange Gallery since 1978, in which he offers space for exchanging artistic through and exhibiting works, collecting films and documentation. The Exchange Gallery is also a contact office for the international artistic movement INFERMENTAL.

Some of his noteworthy video works are the 1973 work Ide, an analytical video work of his climbing metal stairs, or Z mojego okna from 1978, in which he follows the development of his surroundings from the viewpoint of his apartment window. Also intriguing is the film Ryznek from 1970, the first film Robakowski produced with the Workshop of Film Form, in which he modified the speed of the tape to produce a different view of reality.

He wrote various manifestos, such as the Calling Once Again for Pure Film from 1971, which goes in hand with the philosophy of the Workshop of the Film Form, in which they focus on making the language of film simpler and information denser, removing narration and different literary forms.