(Jajce, 1930 – Munich, 2021)

Stipo Pranyko was a notable representative of Arte Povera. The self-taught artists lived in various places, from Germany, Italy and France, settling between 1990 and 2012 in the Canary Islands and finally moving to Munich, Germany.

In his works, he renounced colour, opting for only white. The gauze and paint used in his works are woven across wooden elements or placed in various installations. He adds diverse, simple, “poor” materials to his creations– nails, wire, gauze, rice, a spoon, a sieve, antique tools, objets trouvés etc. The works of this nomadic artist reflect and make his everyday life. They serve as fragments of diary entries of his personal path. The juxtapositions of collage fragments, contrasts, textures, light and shadow, hard and soft edges, and the building of layer witness the artist’s constant movement in life.