(Mostar, 1935)

Radomir Damnjanović Damnjan is a painter, conceptual artist and performer. He is one of the leading conceptual artists of the ex-Yugoslav art scene and beyond.

From minimal landscapes he created in the late 1950s, he moved to primary geometry, and soon there was a cut with painting and Damnjanović moved to conceptual art – an artwork is no longer the end goal, but the focus is on the working process by which it is created. The early still lives led to the painting of objects – bottles, shelves, moving them thus to the real world. His works in video started in the 70s. A highlight work is also the film Flag from 1974 in which he shows the Cold War relation of the two opposing blocs. From 1976 he created text interventions by which he offered a certificate of genuine artistic value as an artwork, guaranteed by his signature. The Disinformations projects Damnjan would realize in various media – photography and painting, demonstrating how the critical questioning of his primary, painterly medium inside the system of art and culture, was what gave him the artistic freedom in choosing the communication channel through which he presented his ideas. The return to using his body, after his seminal performances in the 1970s, happened as well through a series of Self-portraits made in the beginning of 1990s, where he would have, in front of a painted canvas, his face or face of one his friends or colleagues completely painted and captured as an artwork with a photograph. He lives in Milan.