(Zagreb, 1948 – 2009)

Dubravko Budić was a painter and graphic artist. He was a founding member of the Tok Group in Zagreb (with Vladimir Gudac).

He graduated from the School of Applied Arts in Zagreb and later graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Budić’s conceptual inclinations drove him to the group and its high environmental awareness. Using collage and mixed media, even before working within the Tok Group, Budić was looking for a painting that would achieve one of the possible “variations” with the minimal plastic organization of the image field (as he called his works from the late 1960s).

During the seventies, he created. among other things, works on larger-format paper. The works are characterized by monochromatic surfaces of black or bright yellow colour, sometimes in the pattern of dots or lines. The motif is a cube, circle, triangle and other geometric shapes and bodies.